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A specialized private cooperative practice of counseling and coaching professionals.

Vivify TEAM

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“Real connection is repeated events of being authentically known.”



Vivify Story

Our collective experiences traverse the meandering paths of counseling, coaching, and wellness awakened our belief that more is needed. We designed Vivify to meet that need as a rising movement in counseling and coaching that utilizes uniquely creative, holistic, and optimizing approaches to enliven health and well-being.

Vivify Culture

We acknowledge the counseling and coaching industry needs more specialized care that addresses unique needs in a more comprehensive, Christian doctrine-based, and long-term positive lifestyle outcome methodology.


Vivify Method

We provide specialized therapies such as art therapy and biblical counseling combined with focused holistic care that develops comprehensive lifestyle practices. Our emphasis on the complete health journey from intake to after care separates Vivify from traditional practices.

Vivified services portfolio

Counseling, Coaching, and Wellness services designed around our holistic, creative, and optimizing approaches.

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