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Jashley Boatwright

Art has always been a God given tool for healing since Jashley was a little girl. She would often retreat into making art to process hard things. In high school, she thoughtfully and prayerfully considered where her gifts and passions in the arts and caring for others could best be utilized. She did not know that art therapy even existed until after extensive research and reading of magazine articles that led her to this profession. Art therapy is much more accessible and well known, check out for more information: As an adult, she also saw how unprocessed trauma, no matter how big or small, could cause monumental challenges in processing, focus, relationships, jobs, perspective, and in making long term changes. Both of these passions led Jashley to pursue becoming an art therapist 2012 and now trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Please read up on what EMDR is here:

It has become all too common to be running on empty, worn down, and out of breath in the everyday. Most of us are or have been addicted to running off of cortisol, stress hormones, to give us that boost of energy. With this phenomenon can come the struggle of living or staying in fight of flight instead of rest and digest. Fight or flight is an incredible gift for survival but people are not intended to stay in this mode as it wrecks havoc on the body and mind.

Jashley has an earnest passion for meeting people where they are and helping them overcome challenges and utilize the gifts and strengths they were uniquely designed to foster and steward.

She believes in each client’s potential and unique creativity.

Your mind and body are designed to heal. She seeks to help clients connect and return to the natural and healthy design of rest and digest and grow coping tools when faced with being in a fight or flight mode. Hope is a critical force in the healing process. “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.” Desmond Tutu. Jashley believes that our source of hope is God.

Being able to connect to the present with honesty, transparency, and non-judgment is a key ingredient to understanding oneself and embracing the healing journey.


LPC-AT License #75950, ATR-BC #17-129 , ASOTP license #99777

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The therapeutic relationship is one of the most essential components to healing in therapy. We are designed to connect and be heard and seen. Jashley wholeheartedly believes in Imago Dei—that we are all indeed made in the image of God and reflect His attributes. Healing is a journey that is not linear and no paths are the same. Without judgment or comparison, Jashley serves as a guide on your healing journey.




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