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Why refer your community to Vivify?

Intentional design and Proper perspective

Vivify at its core desires a Biblically based culture, atmosphere, services, and emphasis originating from a Christian worldview that focuses on the client, their holistic wellness, and spiritual care. Knowing who the counselor is, what they believe, and what they counsel is more important than ever; and we strive to provide this confidence to those churches and ministries who refer clients to us.


Vivify Counselors' and Coaches' Values

The following are the basic statements of faith that all ownership, management, and staff must support, adhere, and promote while representing, under the employ, or aiding in any activity associated with Vivify Counseling and Coaching.

  1. The human race, created by God and in the image of God, has fallen short of the perfect Creator’s person and design.
  2. The gap between the human race and God is caused by sin (rebellion against God’s person and design), and is bridged by a personal relationship obtained only through acceptance of His son, Jesus Christ and His life, death, and resurrection.
  3. This gift of a personal relationship and right standing before God is only given through grace and not by any works of our own.
  4. Belief in the mystery and revelation of the Trinity (God is Father, Son, and Spirit: three in one), and belief in the tenet that the Bible is Holy Spirit-inspired and points to Jesus, the revealed Word of God.

The following are the basic statements all ownership, management, and staff must support, adhere, and promote while representing, under the employ, or aiding in any activity associated with Vivify Counseling and Coaching.

  1. Our approach to counseling/coaching, its’ theories, methodology, and interventions are an integration of science, research, and Christian worldview truths.
  2. We believe that God, as defined in the statements of faith, is the author and progressive revelation director of our counseling/coaching practice and protocols: not man or self.
  3. In accordance with these first two, we desire to intentionally adhere to our Christian worldview and Biblical principles as paramount, then our individual profession’s ethics, and finally to our individual theoretical orientations and approaches.


Ethical and Passionate

Promoting the view that optimal human mental health and well-being is seen through the context of God’s redemptive plan, Vivify is steadfast in our desire to cultivate an environment where our therapists and coaches care well for their clients. The Christ directed care adheres to our ethical guidelines and codes that overflow outward to clients, the community, and culture.

Holistic and Integrative

contemporary and christian emergence

God designed and created us as integrated reciprocal beings. Meaning everything from what we intake, give attention to, with whom and what we have relationships, and what we do in practice reciprocates to optimize our entire
neuro-bio-psycho-social well-being. This is why we emphasize, encourage, and have available wellness services and practices that you, and your community, will have access. These include:


Beyond Conventional

Let us aid you in setting up dedicated benevolence within your church and ministry that provides counseling and coaching to those in your community needing services. This benevolnce will meet the individual community member’s needs whether or not provided through Vivify.

Together we will seek vivification through Christ to enliven the reciprocal and integrated nature of counseling, coaching, and holistic wellness practices. These extraordinary goals, while challenging and crucial, need extraordinary co-laborers to see them fulfilled. As our greatest model once exhorted those who came before us, “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers few.” However, through faith, power, and perseverance we can see the mission move forward together.

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