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You could counsel and coach in many places, so why Vivify?

Intentional design and Proper perspective

Vivify at its core desires a work culture, atmosphere, services, and emphasis that originate from a Christian worldview that focuses on you, your holistic wellness, and self care as much as our clients. Flexibility, expertise, and support to match these values will have you vying to attain a position alongside our cooperative of healers.


Vivify Values & Features

Our Practitioner Priorities
Dedicated time serving clients
Backend work
Culture, mission, and vision
User friendly platform with full tech support
Pay structure, services, and resources
Emphasis on Christ, self care, and holistic wellness

Vivified Vision

Dedicated Service | tools | Opportunity

Promoting the view that optimal human mental health and well-being is seen through the context of God’s redemptive plan, Vivify is steadfast in our desire to cultivate an environment and work place where therapists and coaches care well for themselves. This care will overflow outward to clients, the community, and culture.

Holistic and Integrative

contemporary and christian emergence

God designed and created us as integrated reciprocal beings. Meaning everything from what we intake, give attention to, with whom and what we have relationships, and what we do in practice reciprocates to optimize our entire neuro-bio-psycho-social well-being. This is why we emphasize, encourage, and make freely available wellness services and practices that you, our counselors and coaches, will have access; and that we hope you will encourage your clients to participate in as well. These include:

Our Goals

Beyond Conventional

We seek personal vivification through the Christian worldview to enliven the reciprocal and integrated nature of our counseling, coaching, and holistic wellness practices. These extraordinary goals, while challenging and crucial, will need extraordinary co-laborers to see them fulfilled. As our greatest model once exhorted those who came before us, “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers few.” However, through faith, power, and perseverance we can see the mission move forward together.

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Vivify Work with Life

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