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Grant Boatwright

Many of us are living in a state of elevated stress hormones for boosts of energy, which can leave you empty, worn down and out of breath in your everyday life. This phenomenon causes you to live in “fight or flight” instead of “rest and digest” and our bodies are not intended to stay in this mode.

Your mind and body are designed to move toward healing and health…always.

To overcome trauma, circumstances, conditions, medical issues, or cognitive functioning; research and knowledge points to our ability to attain revitalized minds, hearts, bodies, spirits, and souls with proper awareness, attention, and attunement.

Therein lies hope and connection.

Grant believes this source of hope is God; and whether ror not you ascribe in this belief, it manifests in your connections with self, God/something/someone outside yourself, and others.

Grant’s methods incorporate many different tools, training, and approaches in unique client-oriented pursuits that include CBT, EMDR, expressive art therapies, red light, vagal nerve training, and NeurOptimal® to guide your journey towards connective healing. Being able to connect to the present with honesty, transparency, and non-judgment is a key ingredient to understanding oneself and embracing the healing journey.

Grant Boatwright deeply believes in an integrated holistic approach to therapy and healing. Grant and his wife, Jashley, offer clients tools, opportunity and space to step into a vivified life, including brightening, enlivening and restorative practices.

 For, as Thompson concludes:

“This process of being known opens the door not only for healing but for the expansion of our capacity to co-create with God renewed minds and hearts, out of which burst a kingdom of goodness and beauty.”


LPC-A License #93448

SUPERVISED BY: Heidi Tournoux-Hanshaw MA, LPC-AT-S, ATR-BCCS License #62358

EMDRIA Trained EMDR Therapist

NeurOptimal® Trainer


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The therapeutic relationship is one of the most essential components to healing in therapy. We are designed to connect, be heard, and be seen. Grant wholeheartedly believes in Imago Dei—that we are all indeed made in the image of God and reflect His attributes. Healing is a journey that is non-linear, and no paths are the same. Without judgment or comparison, Grant serves as a collaborative attendant on your healing journey.




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