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Cory Troup

Taking health for granted is a common occurrence for the majority of people. That is, until either you lose your good health or someone you love loses it. Cory watched and supported his wife, Jabrielle, as she searched for better health for years.

Seeing my wife’s struggles developed a passion and drive within me to help others to improve their health.

She inspired him to adopt health habits that only increased his own energy and vitality. He lost over 30 lbs and got into the best shape of his life!

Cory likes to keep things simple. However, his thorough and detailed approach to helping others with their health is extremely impactful.

He has a desire to help men become the healthiest versions of themselves. Free from excess weight and inflammation. Free of overly-consuming stress. Free from overwhelming chronic fatigue and burnout.

His approach with clients is to educate them on the ancestral diet and lifestyle principles of hunter-gatherers. He guides clients using a systematic approach that makes the process simple yet extremely impactful.

I believe that helping men unlock their true potential by being as healthy as possible is his true calling in life. Reach out to see if you are a good fit for the program!


AFPA Certified


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3-Month Transformational Health Plan

If you are ready to completely make over your health by learning and adopting ancestral practices that will heal, rejuvenate, and restore you, then this is for you! If you are just wanting to lose weight or gain muscle, then this is also a great plan for you. Following ancestral principles is the ultimate way to get healthy overall, no matter your set goals. We craft a personalized plan based on your unique goals. Three months is the optimal time to see, feel, and experience significant results.

Transformational Plan Includes:





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